Daniel Croke Brisbane Valuer of all things old

Daniel John Croke

Dan Croke is a fine example of how a  boy from a migrant family has embraced Australia’s boundless opportunities.

Daniel John Croke was born in India in 1958. In 1961 his father John Croke and his mother Amita Croke immigrated from India to Australia.

After a time in Melbourne the Croke Family relocated to the Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank Queensland. Daniel Croke’s father John Croke was passionate about antiques, Real Estate and investing. When Dan Croke was a boy, John Croke would take him to garage sales around Brisbane where John, his mother Amita and Daniel would purchase antiques that John considered were good value.

Throughout Daniel Croke’s education John Croke earned a living out of his investment in antiques and Real Estate around South East Queensland. John bought properties around Brisbane and at one time focused on buying and selling properties near Sunnybank. John fancied himself as an antique valuer and frequently helped his friends find good value antiques.

When Daniel Croke finished school he worked with his father John. Daniel Croke also considered himself a valuer of antiques.  Buying and selling antiques became a form of investment for Daniel. It wasn’t long before Dan Croke built up enough money to make his first investment in Real Estate.

After Daniel Croke made his initial Real Estate investment in Brisbane he utilised the money to buy and sell more antiques and subsequently used the profits for more Real Estate investment. Dan Croke’s career evolved around being a valuer of antiques and investment in Real Estate and property.

John Croke was always in the background helping Dan Croke valuing antiques and giving advice on Dan’s Real Estate investments.  Dan Croke’s mother Amita Croke passed away in 2016 and John Croke moved to a retirement village. Dan still goes to John Croke for advice on real estate investment and a second opinion on the value of antiques.